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  • Tote Bags

    Statement Totes & Classy Cards Tote Bags

    Quirky and sarcastic totes crafted from 12 oz. durable natural cotton canvas, with a bottom layer for more capacity and steadiness. Dimensions: 14" x 16" (approx) Calm Your Tits: 100% cotton, reusable bag (no bottom layer like the other ones)

    $15.99 - $24.99

  • Soy Candles - Astrology 2/$32!

    Whiskey River Soy Candles - Astrology 2/$32!

    Grab yourself (or your bestie) a sassy 13oz soy candle! These bad boys are double sided, I promise they will make you laugh! Check out the matching Astrology Air Fresheners!   

  • Wooden Fucks to Give

    Expressions Engraved Wooden Fucks to Give

    Say goodbye to running out of fucks to give with My Last Fuck in a Glass Jar! This unique jar comes with one fuck when you need it, or get the whole jar of fucks for a large supply! Everyone you know could use one--humorously! "My Last Fuck" is  exactly what you need - you will not waste your fuck on just any crisis. The lid is sealed on so you are not tempted to give a fuck. In case of emergency please break glass. Wood Tag is laser engraved on a 1/16" piece of Sapele wood and tied on with a piece of jute. Cork lid is glued in place. Glass Jar measures - about 3" tall x 1" wide Wood Fucks Measure - about .5" tall x 2" across. "Official Fucks To Give" - is laser engraved on a brown leather patch attached to the jar by a strong 3m double sided tape. Cork lid is easy to remove when you have to give a fuck. Cute jute cord and a little kraft paper tag for you to fill out if you are giving as a gift. Wood Fucks - about 30 per jar. Glass Jar measures - about 3.5" tall x 2.5" wide Wood Fucks Measure - about 1.5" x .5" "All the Fucks I Give" - is laser engraved on a cute hinged black metal tin and comes with 10 wood fucks. Perfect for tossing in your purse, pocket or having on your desk. You can fill it with Candy, Coins, Hair Ties, Paperclips, Meds, Headphones and so much more!    

    $10.99 - $22.99

  • Air Fresheners - Astrology

    Whiskey River Air Fresheners - Astrology

    Grab yourself (or your bestie) a sassy astrology air freshener! These bad boys are double sided, I promise they will make you laugh! Scents: Aquarius - Impulsive Papaya Pisces - Driftwood Dreamer Aries - Aggressive Agave Lime Taurus - Superior Sage Gemini - Whimsical Watermelon Cancer - Moody Mojito Leo - Vanilla Vanity Virgo - Obsessive Orange Libra - Languid Lavender Scorpio - Vindictive Violets Sagittarius - Wandering White Tea Capricorn - Bergamot Boss Air Freshener size: 2 3/4" W x 4" H    

  • Sale -25% Pouches

    Statement Totes Pouches

    Pouches with spunk, sass, and wit—with a canvas exterior and heat-pressed vinyl design—that'll look marvy in your handbag or dresser.


  • Air Fresheners

    Au Gold & Classy Cards Air Fresheners

    Get rid of the smell of that week old takeout bag in your backseat with one of these hilarious air fresheners! Air fresheners are double sided and come with a nylon hanging cord.  

Apparel & Accessories


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